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Empower Program

Powerful Women Lead Strong Families

Thrive Single Moms believe that single moms are some of the most courageous and resilient women with a strength and resolve to create the best life for their families despite the challenges they face every day and season.  We believe also that each woman has a calling in her life of leadership.  She has been called to lead her family, to impact her communities and to leave her own legacy.  

We know that every woman has a dream, a goal, and a vision for her life and we are committed to seeing her her vision realized.

Community Leadership Training

Our Community Leadership training empowers women to embrace their leadership role in different areas of their life.  We believe that equipping women with a true sense of their gifts and abilities, passions and strengths they will be empowered to initiate radical change in their workplaces, churches, communities.  By recognizing opportunities for personal growth and their impact on others, we hope to see their lives and the lives of their families transform into strong healthy families.  

The Thrive Community Leadership Training builds on the models of biblical values and relational care.  Thrive Community Leadership participants learn about what and how they are gifted, how they apply that in different areas of their life, their authority, the importance of mentoring as well as many more important topics.  We are proud of the outcomes of this program and anticipate great successes.  The Thrive pilot program was initiated in fall of 2017.  

Accountability Program

We offer the women in our community the opportunity to reach goals, navigate difficult seasons and grow through our Accountability Program.  Accountability, is an intimate one-on-one or small team program where we help women achieve their absolute best self by mixing proven methods of coaching, ministry, case management and true friendship.  We help create visions, set goals and meet women regularly to check progress and navigate obstacles.  We know women want the best in their family's lives and so with trained coaches we see celebrate their victories with them, and are there to help process difficulties and setbacks.  We've seen women launch businesses, process painful emotions, escape abusive situations, navigate divorce, process trauma, and tackle debt.  Nothing is too difficult or too trivial for us to help with.  Our goal is to see our women thrive.