Equip Program

Our goal at Thrive Single Moms is to walk alongside women to see them reach a place where they are stable and equipped for their leadership as heads of household in all ways.  Statistically single parent households (84% of all households in the U.S. are women led) are a serious disadvantage financially, emotionally and spiritually.  We endeavor to encircle the women in our community with the best of our local community, businesses and organizations that will help families into a stable, healthy and happy home life.   Thrive Single Moms believes in life long relationships with our members.  We are involved in their lives at a personal level and are always willing and excited to bring opportunities to our members that will impact the lives of their children, as well as be an advantage to our mom's future by helping her overcome the many challenges she may face.

Strategic Partnership

We hope to be a place where single moms can come to and feel confident that her needs will be taken care of.  We never want a single mom to feel she has to do life alone and so we are constantly developing and connecting with organizations that are able meet the needs of our families.  We never want to reinvent what other organizations do so well, but we do want to be advocates for our families.  We offer personalized resource and referrals for our members for areas we know are major areas of concern, stress, and crisis.

Through this program we are able to get food, clothing, professional counseling, parenting training and more for our families at no cost to them.

Educational Workshops

We provide learning opportunities each month to our members through educational workshops.  Our workshops are free for our members to attend.  We use this opportunity to bring families together for fun, fellowship and personal growth.  Some examples of past workshops have included:

  • ​Family Core Values

  • Home Ownership

  • Living Will and Trust Workshop

  • Financial Stewardship/Budgeting and Financial Education

  • Healthy Eating Habits

  • Stress Reduction for Single Parents

  • Goal Setting

Volunteers/Practical Ministry

Many of our families struggle when things go wrong, and Thrive Single Moms felt strongly to provide opportunities for churches to serve families in need.  We have been blessed by so many volunteer groups to provide basic but necessary help for our members.  Some projects we have had done in the past include:

  • Playsets and equipment being built and set up

  • Electrical work

  • Mechanic work and trustworthy evaluations

  • Plumbing

  • Yard Work

No job is too small or unappreciated.  

Practical Support

It's hard to feel like you can change your situation when the day-to-day struggles can feel impossible to overcome.  Because of our generous partners and donors we're able to provide practical support to families in need. 

  • Food & Gas Cards For Thrive Members

  • Food Distribution

  • Shoe Distribution

  • Benevolence for Thrive Members

  • Partnered with Local Resources For Additional Support.