The Power of a Giving Community

We Need You!


Imagine lives changed in neighborhoods all over the Inland Empire, surrounding communities and even the world.  You could be the key to change for women who are bravely raising their children on their own.  These women are neighbors, friends, family, maybe even you.

74% of homes in the Inland Empire are run by single women who live below the real cost measure*.  Many are lost, alone, isolated and are fearful for their family's future.  Each day they live exhausted like they're treading water, just surviving.  Currently 67% of the 14 million single moms in America are without a home church.  Our vision is to create a world where every single mom is empowered to THRIVE.  We aim to meet that goal by partnering with churches, community organizations and resources as well as individuals who want to see change.  

We deeply appreciate your passion to reach more women, to build these communities and to change the lives of the next generation.  Empowered women lead healthy families.

One Time Gift

Your support is appreciated.  Your donation will go to the greatest need.


In Kind Donations

We are always grateful for in-kind donations.   Items that would be helpful include:

  • New Bedding (twin size sheets, pillows and blankets for our transitional home)

  • Household and personal care items such as toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, tissue boxes, household cleaning agents, disinfectant spray and wipes, dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, white towels and wash clothes

  • Diapers of all sizes and diaper wipes

  • New kid shoes (all sizes)

  • Games such as board games and developmental toys

  • New or gently used laptops/tablets

  • Reams of white 8x11 printer paper

  • Bibles

  • Books on spiritual growth, mental health, self improvement, educational books for kids, divorce recovery, substance abuse recovery, financial health, health

  • Automobiles in good working condition

  • Back house/rental homes

Contact us to make an in-kind donation

We regularly meet women who come to us because they are fleeing domestic violence, have abruptly lost housing, are in a difficult transition or are in crisis.  During such urgent crisis women resort to sleeping in their cars with children at public parks, gas stations or truck stations.  This puts women and children at serious risk of violence and harm.  Thrive Single Moms provide Emergency Kits for families that offer some tangible hope with gas cards and grocery store cards.  These cards often mean women can afford to get to safe place in their own car, to a nearby relative or to work to keep their job while they seek help.  Grocery cards allow for women to get food, feminine hygiene products, formula and diapers.  We often work with the Redlands Police Department to get hotel vouchers in cases where families are on the street.  We also purchase hot meals for families who are in crisis with no transportation.  We try our best to bring comfort to these families.  Please consider contributing $25 to an Emergency Kit.  Give tangible hope to a family today.

Emergency Kits

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