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Thrive Housing Program

 Hope for Single Moms

Thrive Single Mom’s mission is to engage, equip and empower single moms.  It was recognized very early in the program  the need for safe housing for women with children with a focused program on helping families heal and acheive whole family wellness during major life transitions and/or crisis.  The Thrive Housing Program was developed in 2017 with a radical approach to meeting women right where they are while empowering them to make radical changes for their family and future.

The Thrive Housing Program is a year long commitment of personal growth, development and change resulting in lasting solutions, tools and newly formed support systems for maintaining a new balanced life. 

4 Focuses of Whole Family Wellness

Thrive has a developed a program that meets the needs for whole family wellness.  We prioritize the following porgram goals:

1. Family Stability

2. Emotional/Mental and Spiritual Healing

3. New Support Systems 

4. Self Sufficency and Sustainability

Tools to Thrive

Each resident is given a Progress Team for individual support.  Her team includes short term and long term planning meetings, a personal mentor, case management (accountability)  and resident oversight.  Our approach is to support and empower the mom to make the right choices for her life and family and to train, educate and coach her along the way in a loving and safe environment.  We rely on professional services for counseling. 

Community Support

Our resident moms and families are integrated in our larger community of single moms where they can build life long relationships.  Through these relationships our women have a supportive community to continue their success as they graduate to permanent supportive housing. 

We currently provide services at Hannah's House of Hope a Program of the Blessing Center.

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