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New Year, New Spirit

Welcome to 2020! It is day 2 to the new year, if you already broke your resolutions remember there are still 363 chances to make it happen. The Lord works in specific timings and new years is much more than just a celebration of the Earth’s circling of the sun, we are reminded of the fresh start, new beginnings and hope we have through the gift of a relationship with Christ. In my experience, God does amazing things in a one-year time frame. In 2019 it took us one full year to breakdown our passage of Isaiah 54 and the topic of Abundance, we started at verse one and ended at the birth of Christ, the beautiful promises of the abundant life we find in Christ.

At the end of the year the word that kept coming up for me was NEW SPIRIT and the verse Ezekiel 35:26 “I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony stubborn heart and give you a tender responsive heart.” I am so excited to think of how this New Spirit will make itself apparent in Thrive and the many single moms we serve and wish to serve in the new year. While we have lots of new things and topics to teach and experience, I want to begin this year with a word that has been very heavily pressed onto my heart for each of you, a blessing for you to embrace and abide in as this season begins.

Mama may you enter this season in tender love.May you know in the deepest parts of your heart that you are fully loved, fully seen and fully supported. God has a special desire for you this year to see you bloom in the season and places that you find yourself, but there is a work that still needs to be done inside of you. There are things that distract you and make you afraid, there are things that hold you back, old voices and feelings and so much fear. God is waiting for you at the well, like the woman who had been married so many times. With so much shame and disgrace she came to draw water, but like her, Jesus is waiting to take you by your hand and gently love you into a new place. Believe Mama, that he is keenly aware of the challenges you face today, He knows all of it and He is at work. As you enact change and habits and build momentum remember that the Holy Spirit is at working, willing to complete the inner work for you, the work may seem hard at times, but He will always be gentle and loving with you. This year you’re going to learn new things about Him, you’re going to experience Him in new ways. There will be so much shifting that you’ll carry yourself differently, people will notice you’ve changed, and become more vibrant and alive, your relationships will change with your children, your ex, your family, your community, and you’ll experience breakthroughs that you’ve been praying for, for years. They will be great victories! They will all come to pass as you trust Him with them. The woman rising out of you is the most beautiful spirit; fierce, fearless, redeemed.

I hope you’ll plug into the Thrive Community this year so we can journey with you! We’re thrilled to see this work be done in you.

Happy New Year and cheers to the many beautiful blessings to come.

Brandi Dailey

Executive Director

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