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Mama today we see YOU. We celebrate YOU. We thank YOU.

Mama, today is about you. But mama, so is everyday-and don’t you forget it. Today is about your beauty and the blessing that you bring. It’s about your presence and your continuity. Today is about your steadiness and your sacrifice.

Mama, today we remember you. We remember all those Christmases and birthdays you made magical. Those long hard nights, those comforting arms, that healing kiss. We remember you cheering from the sidelines wildly in public and cheering from sidelines wildly in private too. We reflect on the power of your encouraging words because they are the stuff of life.

Mama, today we stand in awe of you. We are are baffled at how you accomplish so much in so little time. We are shocked at how you work so hard and yet still make time for cuddles and laughter and serious talks. We are mesmerized by the way you make the best of so little, always improving everything you put your hands to, your house, your yard, your work, and even the people you love.

Mama, today we are dazzled by you. We see your beauty everyday in your wide and genuine smile, in the softness of your skin, the look in your eyes the way you look when you admire your children. We are enchanted by the way you laugh so deeply with friends, and how you cry so honestly in struggle (even when you try to hide it to make everyone feel safe). You take our breath away when you get all dressed up, but you’re just as beautiful when you’re in your home without anyone to impress.

Mama, today we see you. We hold space for you. We express our love. We lift you up and cherish everything about you because the blessing you are is the beauty in the world.

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