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Thrivebox Sneak Peak: Featured Artist Shirlee Fisher

We're excited to share a sneak peak into Thrivebox! Each season we're featuring a local community artist or creative. Our launch box features a particular favorite artist Shirlee Fisher. Shirlee is the owner and creative behind Quite Line Design in Redlands Ca. Her shop features creative paper goods and gorgeous handmade ceramics. Her work oozes inspiration, positivity and meaning. Shirlee jumped at the chance to be part of the exciting project of Thrivebox. When we approached Shirlee to be our Featured Artist she was an enthusiastic "YES!" We sat down with Shirlee to ask her a couple questions behind her shop, her heart and her beliefs. We're honored to have one of Shirlee's beautiful designs, and to share it with you!

How long have you been a small shop owner? I started my business in the spring of 2016, so just about 4 years. What motivated you to start creating? I think my fascination with different mediums and my desire to learn new things is what motivates me to create. I also love being able to bring something absolutely new into the world. Creating a product is truly a very thrilling experience for me, and I love being able to share that with the world.

What do you love most about owning your own business?

I love being able to make an impact with something I create. A lot of my work is created to truly speak to brokenness and to create a path to vulnerable connections. To be able to blend my love for people and my love for creating is a privilege. Being able to own my own business to do this is something that I don't take for granted.

How does it feel as an entrepreneur, how has it changed you as a person? Being a entrepreneur has really instilled a lot of grit and problem solving in me. When you own your own small business, you are often wearing a lot of hats. I have been forced to learn how to do things that I don't particularly like (cough, cough...bookkeeping) and I've also had to develop a more analytical and strategic mindset in order to try to be more successful.

What do you consider your greatest rewards, impacts, successes? The greatest reward is having a customer tell me how much a print or card I have made has spoken to them. I once had a customer buy an original painting of mine at an art show because it had made such an impact on her. Come to find out she had almost passed away a week prior from heart problems and she was just making her way to recovery. She said she had to have my piece because it was a reminder of new life for her. For me, this is why I create.

In your personal opinion, how do you answer the question:

How do you empower a woman? I believe to empower a woman is by building her up with the truth that she truly has something to offer the world that no one else can do or say quite like her.

We agree, helping women find their voice and the special gift that they, and only they, can bring to the world is what we're so passionate about and what we hope to develop for the women in the Thrive program. Shirlee genuinely makes me smile and I hope that you're equally blessed to hear her heart!

You can find more about Shirlee' story at www.quietlinesdesign.com and please follow her on Instagram @quietlinesdesign to see more of her amazing work.

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