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Near and dear to the heart of Founder Brandi Dailey, is the concept of coaching. When empowering women, access to a powerful coach is essential in bringing out the heart of women. Every woman has the skills, gifts and experiences within to make an impact in the world, to create revenue streams through the work of their hands and to create change in her family through business. Many single moms have put their dreams on the back burner and simply survive the day, a term we call "treading water." Enough time in this mode and she gives up entirely on the calling she has in her life, she begins to believe her worth is less, and anxiety, hopelessness, depression and isolation sets in. It is our firm belief that not only will tapping into her purpose change her life by giving her that pull to rise above her situation, but that her purpose is needed in the world. Her passion will change her life, and her business will change her family's life. We are so grateful to work along with Cori Freeman, owner of Cori Freeman, Strategic Business Coaching. Cori's heart is in alignment to our core beliefs and we're excited to see through breakthroughs, mindset shifts, and empowered women emerge from our Thrive Empowerment Program.

How long have you been business coaching?

I have been helping business owners since 1997 develop their businesses in a multitude of areas. However, when I decided to have my own exclusive business (and personal) coaching business, I went to a program to receive my certification in 2017. I have specific training in how to help people overcome self-sabotage. I also have received further education from WBECS (World Business Executive Coach Summit), which is a global coaching organization.

What motivated you to start a coaching business?

After years of helping businesses in different areas (sales, branding, marketing, culture change, reputation, presence, scaling, etc.), I decided to devote myself to supporting businesses in a comprehensive coaching approach. With coaching, I’m able to help businesses increase their forward momentum in the areas they’d like to focus on. We work together to increase their focus, intentionality, and clarity. It’s so rewarding to see individuals’ and businesses’ growth.

What do you love most about owning your own business?

The freedom and flexibility in so many areas. Whether it be in choosing which modalities to use with different corporations, my scheduling, or perhaps choosing to create a new workshop for the business community, I have complete control over which direction my business goes in. In the same respect, the buck stops with me, so I also have to take 100% responsibility for everything within my business, whether good or challenging.

How do you feel as an entrepreneur, how has it changed you as a person?

I became an independent businessowner and entrepreneur in 1991, when I was a licensed freelance court reporter taking depositions. Since then, I have never looked back. After 20 years in a successful second career, my third career is as a business coach. Even after almost 30 years, I still appreciate and love the camaraderie that exists within the entrepreneur community. Being an entrepreneur gives you an independent spirit and an understanding that it’s all up to you. The growth process is remarkable and challenging. It creates an unbelievable amount of resilience within you. I highly recommend it.

What do you consider your greatest rewards/impacts/successes?

My greatest rewards have been when I hear my clients tell me about one of their successes in an area we’ve been working on. It’s very rewarding. To me a “success” is when a client has an “aha” moment, where their eyes light up and they see something new (or from a different perspective) for the very first time. There’s a knowing inside of them that they “get it”, sometimes after struggling in an area for a very long time. It, at times, can be emotional for them, and I consider it to be a blessing to be part of that process.

How do you empower a woman?

In my humble opinion, the best way to empower a woman is to reveal to her the greatness that is inside of her. A proverbial mirror needs to be placed in front of her so she can see for herself what she has to offer the world. When she digs deep within herself to see what she’s made of, she will find a beautiful treasure. God has blessed each of us with strengths, personality types, and desires that are unique to us as individuals. A woman is empowered when she can tap into her capabilities and utilize them to the fullest. Also, when women work together in this process, through mentoring, coaching, advising, and personal growth and development, the results are even more incredible.

Every Thrivebox purchased ensures that low income single moms are given 6 months of access to the transformative power of coaching with Cori Freeman. We're grateful to work with women to see their dreams come true. Your box gives purpose to the lives of women and children.

To learn more about Cori Freeman visit her on her website at www.corifreeman.com.

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