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The Gift of Believing

I got probably the greatest compliment of my life this weekend. I was helping a single mom execute on a dream experience she wanted to have. She’s a full time commitment mama who has made a ton of sacrifices to give her daughter her best life. But, in that sacrifice she had given up on some things which made her feel whole. She begin to question if she was capable of creating the life experiences she desired in the depths of her heart. When she showed me what she wanted I told her unflinchingly, “That’s totally possible!” Before she knew it she was doing it

, and loving it and enriching her life in the process, nourishing her heart and smiling, brightly! What wasn’t possible suddenly was even better than she imagined. I happened to overhear a snippet of a conversation that I buried in my heart as a treasure to draw from all week. It went a little like this:

“Don’t tell Brandi you have a dream, she’ll make you go after it.”

The mom she was talking to replied, “And don’t complain to her either, she’ll make you do something about it too.”

I’m grateful to be seen this way. This morning I read this, “Enthusiasts love God through celebration.” I love the gift and skill of coaching. As we listen to people’s wildest dreams and lowest valleys a Coach believes in the possibility of change and the power of celebration. We have one life and one experience here on earth. It can be hard but it is beautiful. We just need people to show up in our lives who can see and believe in what we do and are capable of. I’m a dreamer, an enthusiast, and exhorter. I love God by fanning flames of dreams and purpose for richer, meaningful and deeper lives for his women, daughters and their little ones. It’s my act of authentic worship.

What dreams do you have buried in your heart?

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