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Karen Kamenwa

Karen Kamenwa is an entrepreneur, author, and business coach. She has spent the last ten years running a successful business while raising her two sons as a stay-at-home single mother. Her desire to earn a living without sacrificing quality time with her children was the catalyst for starting an online business enabling her to live out her values purposefully and pursue her passions.


She helped cofound Thrive Single Moms in 2016 and currently serves as a spiritual developer. She enjoys empowering women, hosting women's Bible studies, reading, hiking, and having fun with family and friends. On the weekend, you'll often find Karen on the sidelines of sports fields cheering her athletic sons.


Corinne Hawkins

Born in Sydney Australia, Corinne started working in full time ministry in 2008. Navigating a working/single mom life of two, she also journeyed with God on pastoring the one and ministering to the to the many, within children’s ministry at Hillsong Church Sydney.

While pastoring other families, she survived relationship dysfunction and systemic failures within the criminal justice system but amongst the pain she faced, found her assigned purpose in breaking the cycles of family dysfunctions far beyond her own family. 

Her hope and desire is for you personally to experience the transformative power of God, that breaks cycles of oppression and restores brokenness in your own life and your children’s.

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Brandi Dailey

Brandi founded Thrive Single Moms in 2016.  As a single mom of 3, entrepreneur and CEO she brings the experience of following and fighting for your dreams.  She believes to her core the power of purpose and finding meaning in the mess through faith, community and intentional action. 


Before launching Thrive Single Moms Brandi held leadership positions in sales where she combined her passion for people with creative solutions to meet goals. 


In 2011 she committed her life to Christ and went into ministry full time.  Starting over in life with little ones was never easy but worth it.  She brings her visionary and strategy gifts, along with her passion for the hearts of single moms to the coaching relationship.  

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Candice Kelley

Candice uses her experience as a therapist, entrepreneur, and busy single mom to bring relevant perspective to the single moms she coaches.  Prior to coaching, Candice was a corporate trainer and held leadership roles in sales and account management for 10+ years before starting a real estate brokerage, in addition to working as a therapist. 


Candice has a master's degree in Social Work from USC as well as a master's degree in Business from Arizona State University.  Candice understands the struggle of trying to balance career and family which means that she can show up for single mom clients with knowing compassion.


Candice is a natural cheerleader and coach, optimistic and encouraging, Candice brings the gift of believing to her clients.

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